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Delicious pancakes with blooming onions: affable appearance and the best recipes

The aromas in Russia were able at all times. In addition, the chef for them was fabricated with yeast, bread, acerb and jam. All sorts of capacity are added to it, so the bowl can accept the best abrupt filling. Apples, berries, mushrooms, cottage cheese, vegetables and assorted vegetables are acclimated for cooking.

Especially accepted pancakes and pancakes with blooming onions, because vegetable tortillas absurd in adulate – it’s consistently tasty, acceptable and fast. Abounding housewives still use old Russian recipes.

One bowl – a sea of ​​flavors

Fryers can be absolutely different: they aloof don’t use them to accomplish them! Analysis options are many, but kefir is best generally included. In fact, any brewed milk artefact will be suitable: yogurt, ryazhenka, porcini, bifillin. Some housewives use acerb cream. And in the chef add cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, jams, jams and assorted mashed potatoes.

Despite the huge cardinal of affable options (you can adapt a approved bowl after additives, pancakes with blooming onions or fruits), the abject is consistently the same: flour, kefir (sometimes replaced with milk or added brewed milk product), salt, eggs. The chef can be aggrandize or lean, after yeast.

What is added to vegetables

Flour. It can be different: addition adds accustomed wheat, addition – biscuit or corn. Actual generally there are recipes that use rye or pea flour. Sometimes bran is added to the dough.
Eggs. They are present in all pancake recipes: kefir with blooming onions, acerb cream, in vegetable and bake-apple versions. namely, raw egg gives the bowl strength, the all-important boner and volume.
Spices. It was not added to the dish, spices were added to the dough. Alkali is a binding additive in every baking. But abacus the blow of the aroma is a amount of taste.

Delicious pancakes with green onions

Do I charge soda?

And baking soda or baking crumb can be added to the dough. This is done to ensure that the articles are bendable and fine. Some old recipes admonish to allay soda with vinegar. In reality, however, it does not charge to be repaid. Alike if you use the compound for blooming onion, zucchini or potato pancakes, the acknowledgment with the absolution of carbon dioxide (due to which bubbles anatomy in the accomplished dish) still occurs. Apparently, the cooled adaptation appeared due to the actuality that it is not consistently accessible to advance the actual arrangement and as a result, hot baking acquires a specific taste. Therefore, soda should be put absolutely a bit.

Cooking subtleties

Of course, pancakes are a delicious, and actual important diet . However, in adjustment for collapsed cakes to about-face beautiful, red and able-bodied made, you charge to accept the appropriate dishes. Anticipation by the admonition and acknowledgment from accomplished hosts, we charge to fry pancakes in blubbery walls. The pan is actual hot, be abiding to add a little vegetable oil. In dishes of accepted size, no added than four vegetable cakes will fit well.

Spread the chef with an accustomed beanery biconcave in water. They put vegetable pancakes adapted in kefir, fry on low calefaction until aureate amber and about-face with a spatula. To abolish balance oil, advance the cakes on napkins or cardboard towels. Back balance fat is absorbed, they are served on the table.

According to admirers of such a dish, the best adorable and ambrosial pancakes should be hot.

Squash bites with blooming onions and egg

To adapt a adorable and so simple dish, you will charge the afterward set of products:

small baby zucchini (zucchini) - 1-2 pieces;
kefir - 1/3 cup (can be replaced with added dairy products);
flour - about 150 grams (depending on the array of the abrade produced dough, you may charge a little beneath or a little added than the defined rate);
green onion accoutrement - 30-50 grams;
garlic - 1 abysm (optional);
1 raw egg;
sol - ½ h.
cooking oil.

Young zucchini should be done and cut calm with the bark (if soft) on a ample or average grater. The onion accoutrement are broken, washed, broiled and cautiously chopped. Mix everything, exhausted the egg and activity again. The admixture should be absolute and kefir poured. Mix the abrade with baking soda (or baking powder) and analyze through a clarify into the dough. All mix anxiously until a homogeneous, not too blubbery bendability is obtained.

Spread the chef in a preheated pan with vegetable oil and fry on both sides. Serve hot. The compound for blooming onions and zucchini is absolutely simple – it takes no added than 25 account to cook.

From the bulk of capacity accustomed in the recipe, 10-12 ambrosial tablets are obtained.

Squash bites with green onions and egg


As a aerial and actual appetizing booze for pancakes with egg and blooming onions, whose compound is accustomed a little higher, a booze of acerb chrism with greens will suit. For its alertness you will need: 100 grams of low-fat cream, 1 abysm of garlic, a little admixture of parsley, dill and celery, alkali and pepper (optional).

Chopped vegetables and cautiously chopped garlic, acerb chrism and spices should be absolutely mixed, and alike bigger – aerated with a whisk, blender or mixer. As a result, the ambrosial booze will access a aerial blooming color. This booze will fit with added vegetable options. As a adornment of the bowl they use parsley leaves or a axis of dill.

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