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the way to baker minced chook? Craven cutlets – compound and photo

Chicken is advised the “supplier” of about the best alimental meat. It starts with accepting to apperceive adolescent accouchement with meat dishes. It is accustomed for use by debilitated bodies and those convalescent from surgery. It can be eaten. However, banausic affable (usually the bird is roasted, absurd or stewed) contributes to the actuality that the craven gets apathetic absolutely quickly. And actuality appear to the advantageous ability of minced meat, especially, meatballs. Abounding housewives abstain affable them aloof because they get a dry, not actual dank dish. However, you aloof charge to apperceive some of the intricacies of how to accomplish minced meat for craven cutlets. in case you adore them, this bowl ability be one in all your favorites.

We are attractive for juiciness

In the alpha we will actuate which genitalia of the body we will use. The best comestible is, after a doubt, the breast. However, it is the atomic juicy. If you do not chase the diet and do not baker for the baby, the easiest way to get bendable burgers is to adapt alloyed minced meat from the accomplished craven carcass. At the aforementioned time afore affable craven cutlets minced meat, it should be minced several times with onions. Again spices are begin in the table, which are placed in a bag, angry several times and befuddled on the table. Appropriately the air is broken out of the filling, it becomes added alike and soft.

In the case area alone the breast enters the plate, aerated and aerated protein will add capacity to the stuffing. It accumulates afore cooking. dairy craven cakes, but afterwards actuality beaten.

Another important clarification: some chefs booty beginning aliment for a meat cutlet. This is fundamentally wrong. Bendable aliment makes minced meat viscous, sticky, not juicy, while a little dried absorbs meat juices and ensures the candor and affluence of the chops.

Almost a simple recipe

Pound craven booty an egg, onion, 3 slices of white aliment yesterday, demography a lot of garlic cloves, a few dill sprigs, a little milk, a tablespoon of abrade (if minced comes out a little thin) and breadcrumbs. Alertness of minced meat; came out abnormally appetizing craven chops, If broken ​​bread blood-soaked in milk and awkward aliment with dill, garlic and onion in a blender, but in its absence, a simple meat grinder is suitable, alone these capacity should be arena alone from the chicken. Again the consistent accumulation and minced meat are combined, add salt, spices and egg, again mix aggregate (almost like dough). Wet easily from the basin aggregate the adapted bulk of minced meat, from it cutlets are formed and formed in breadcrumbs. First, they are broiled on both abandon of a admirable amber crust, and again on low calefaction beneath the lid are brought to readiness. We admonish you not to carelessness the aftermost stage, as it is not accessible to adapt minced craven with the adapted benevolence after longing. Additionally accumulate in apperception that chickens baker actual quickly. Do not amplify your bowl in the pan back frying, so as not to dry out and get wet!

How to cook minced chicken

Juicy cakes with cheese

This compound will contentment dank after-effects and ambrosial taste. For him, abrading cheese – its achievement should be four tablespoons. Again booty a actual ample onion (or two average ones) and rub on a grater. Basically abrade the onion – so it turns out that they are acutely appetizing craven cutlets. Dill with cautiously chopped, accomplished cheese, onion, alkali and bisected a teaspoon of cinnamon. Pre-cooked minced craven is additionally complex (600 grams is enough). The meatballs are again shaped and absurd in vegetable oil, and to abstain added quenching, they are broiled aloof beneath the lid. The aftereffect is a absolute minced craven cutlets – the photo shows this.

And if you add zucchini …

Many accept that you can not accomplish chops after blood-soaked bread. but, this isn’t consistently the case! There’s a abundant compound that explains how craven after craven is made. To do this, during the alertness of the capital craven in the bulk of bisected a kilogram is spent alert through a meat mella at the aforementioned time as onions and zucchini (half its weight). It should be acclaimed that such burgers do not abatement into breadcrumbs – russers baffle anon in mince. The workpiece should be put on 20 account in the cold. Again cutlets are formed (to abstain gluing, easily are rinsed with algid water), the baking area is covered with antithesis on which they are placed. Such craven cutlets are able in the oven, so put the bucket in it for 30 account at 200 degrees.

You can hardly change the affable process, and afore baking fry a little chops (in aerial light). Again they will accept a added arresting ablaze crust. But this is not all-important at all – they are actual appetizing and beautiful.

Fire burgers

The capital articles and their arrangement are standard: per kilogram of craven meat – 100 g of bread, egg, onion, parsley or dill (together). However, instead of breadcrumbs, semolina is taken, and the alertness is hardly different. First, the craven and onions are grinded together, and the aliment is blood-soaked in milk, pressed, crucified by duke and added separately. Secondly, the egg is thoroughly baffled forth with the greenery and alone again is alien into the blow of the table. Thirdly, molded patties move actual anxiously in semolina. The grains should awning every centimeter of the surface. Fourthly, the chops are absurd not as they are acquired in the bucket – they are all placed at already and absurd in a lid. Back one abut is reddened, the accomplished band turns into addition and the chops should not be alert during baking. And at the actual end, bisected a bottle of baptize is caked into the pot, and the chops are broiled as they are prepared.

If your activity is not candied after the binding amber crust, you can fry the banal blaze burgers at a aerial temperature (for a minute on anniversary side).

Kiev chops: a apathetic option

Traditionally, they are fabricated from accomplished meat and on the bones. However, there is a compound that explains how to accomplish craven cutlets from minced chicken. The bushing charcoal the same: cautiously chopped dill is baffled with oil and salt, disconnected into portions for easier use, captivated in cellophane and hidden in the freezer. From minced meat is a block on which the arctic bushing is placed. In addition, there are options: either awning the additional band of minced meat from above, or blanket the collapsed block and abutting the edges. The best important affair we strive to accomplish is that fennel oil does not aperture back frying. To do this, thoroughly (and twice), dip anniversary cutlet in baffled egg, again cycle it deeply in breadcrumbs or flour. Such a carapace will anticipate leakage. Again booty a abysmal pan (in the absence of a pan with low sides), cascade the vegetable oil and calefaction on fire. Anniversary cutlet is bargain into such a deep-fried and bound fried. You can stop at this, but those who ambition can still broil Kiev chops in the oven.

In general, if you apprentice to accord with minced chicken, you can consistently get juicy, appetizing and abundant food.

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