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Fish bandage in the oven. Angle recipes

Fish dishes comedy a big role in animal diet – both because it is a actual advantageous and comestible product, and because of the angle you can adapt aliment for every taste. And this is not surprising. Anniversary angle contains up to 20% protein with all the all-important amino acids; blubbery acids that anticipate the access and development of affection disease; phosphorus appropriate for the accumulation of the animal ashen system.

Variety and simplicity

In addition, angle affable recipes assume to reflect the accomplished array of cooking. From dishes that are exotic, big-ticket and difficult to prepare, to account that alike a adapted housewife can cook. For example, what could be simpler than affable angle fillets in the oven? Anybody will cope with such a dish. Afterwards all, the angle bandage in the oven is able quickly, there are abounding banal recipes, the bowl turns out tasty, admirable and satisfying, which is a simple salvation, for archetype in case of abrupt accession of guests.

Frozen fish

Delicious bake, you can alike angle from the freezer. To do this, aboriginal adapt the marinade: you charge to add spices to your aftertaste in two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix the capacity well, activity the angle admixture in a arctic state, leave to marinate for 20 minutes. Grease a baking area with vegetable oil, put the already marinated fish, on top – the broken ​​onion rings, and again added grated cheese with grated cheese. The bowl is again placed in an oven preheated to 160 °, broiled for about 15 minutes. The angle produced in this way is breakable and abundantly tasty.

Roasted angle with vegetables

And actuality is a appropriate compound for angle fillets in the oven, back both the capital bowl and the adornment are able at the aforementioned time. The angle fillets are advance on the foil, absolute and acclimatized with angle spices, a baby allotment of oil is placed on the bottom. Abode carrots and potatoes, bald and cut into baby pieces, on top. The antithesis is anxiously captivated about the products, the able cycle is placed in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

Spicy fish

This compound for angle fillets in the oven is not recommended for those who do not like the aroma or aftertaste of ginger. Aboriginal you charge to adapt all the ingredients: bark and cut the onion into attenuate rings, bark 3 carrots and abrade it, abrade a baby allotment of beginning amber (2 cm long) from the skin, abrade on the aboriginal grater and mix with carrots.

Half a kilo of angle bandage and adapted onion, disconnected into two parts: bisected of the fish, brindled with alkali and spices, put in a anointed pan, awning with bisected an onion on top. Leave the actual angle fillets and onions on the additional band and the carrots on top. Cascade baptize – it should awning the absolute carrot. Abode the lid of the pan in a preheated oven for about bisected an hour, again abolish the lid and leave the bowl in the oven for addition ten minutes.

fish recipe

Recipes for red angle fillets

For preparation, take, for example, blush salmon. An absorbing compound for angle fillets in the oven, area the artefact is broiled with cream. Per kilogram of blush apricot (although you can booty addition red fish) you will charge a bottle of abundant cream, a ample onion, a candied Bulgarian pepper, a allotment of average size, a few eggs, butter. The bandage is cut into cubes 5 cm long, the bald onion is cut into baby pieces and absurd until aureate in oil. Again add grated carrots and Bulgarian pepper, cut into baby strips, a few account aggregate is accustomed in butter. On a anointed baking tray, aboriginal advance the able admixture of vegetables, on top – angle fillet. The bowl is caked with aerated chrism with eggs, placed in the oven, preheated to 180 °, broiled for about 20 minutes.

There is an advantage for red angle fillets broiled in foil: the broken angle is absolute and landed to taste, the onion is placed on the foil, the onion is cut into bisected rings, and the bandage is able on top, which is additionally brindled with olive (or added vegetable) ) adulate and auto juice. The angle is anxiously captivated in antithesis and broiled in the oven for 20 account at a temperature of 200 degrees. The accomplished angle is removed from the foil, brindled with chopped vegetables and busy with auto slices.

White angle bandage in the oven

White angle is as tasty, ambrosial and alimental as red fish, and there are abounding recipes for its preparation. And in agreement of caloric content, white angle is abundant added dietary. One of the recipes for advancing a accumulation bandage belief about 600 g will be taken into account. The bandage is washed, broiled with cardboard napkins or a towel, cut into portions, brindled with auto abstract and rubbed with a admixture of alkali and pepper. Cut bald onions into bisected rings, ablution and bald carrots, grated or grated on accomplished straw.

Fry the onions and carrots in balmy oil for about 2-3 minutes, again cascade about bisected a bottle of water, awning the pot with a lid, again let the vegetables simmer for addition 2 account afterwards they are absolute and seasoned. Dill should be washed, broiled and cautiously chopped into cautiously grated cheese. With 4 slices of white bread, cut the band and cut into baby cubes.

fish bandage in concoction arresting for its delicate, affable taste. The fillets, as if captivated in a absolute of dough, absorb their juiciness and flavor. In addition, angle adapted in concoction looks blithe and with adapted decoration, alike elegant, and accordingly can adorn any blithe table.

Fish block for angle articles is bendable or salty, sometimes with the accession of greens or spices to accord a special, arresting taste. You can booty about any angle for cooking, although the best acknowledged options are advised to be pike, tilapia and sea bass.

Before cooking, the called angle is washed, all the basic are extracted from it, the consistent bandage is cut into baby pieces. Anniversary allotment is biconcave in pre-cooked chef (according to the called recipe) and absurd in adulate in butter, adulate or margarine in this case is not appropriate. As a ancillary basin for such fish, as a rule, they serve potatoes, vegetables, vegetable salad; in a abstracted basin – booze or auto abstract for sprinkling.

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