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How to accomplish karkade tea? Carcade: properties, recipes

There are drinks that, adverse to all rules and traditions, are alleged tea. The accepted affair is that they are fabricated of plants. If you chase the rules, tea is a alcohol that is acquired by brewing the leaves of alone one blazon of bulb – the leaves of the tea bush. Tinctures of chamomile flowers, excellent leaves and thyme in austere acquiescence with the rules and traditions of tea are not.

Where hibiscus grows

The bulb that gave this admirable tea to the apple came to the Arab countries from India. In all countries with hot climates came the aftertaste of a ablaze ambrosial alcohol that quenches appetite well. The bulb acclimated to accomplish hibiscus tea is alleged hibiscus or Sudan rose, and belongs to the Malvaceae family.

Today, altered varieties of hibiscus are developed on the plantations of countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Ceramics and India. The island of Java and Mexico. There are varieties of hibiscus that are acclimated to accomplish paper, there are adorning varieties and sabdiraffe hibiscus or Syrian rose is acclimated as a raw actual for chakcard tea.

Why there are several names

Hibiscus is able-bodied acclimatized to abounding countries with balmy climates, blooms with admirable ablaze flowers that anybody loves, and abounding bodies accede it their own. Hibiscus has abounding names: rosella, bother rose, red sorrel, “Malva Venice”, Cujarat tea, red sorrel, Jamaican red currant, sabirhibis. In America it is alleged marsh mallow, in Mexico – Jamaican flower.

In the Hawaiian Islands, hibiscus is alleged the “flower of admirable women” and symbolizes aerial beauty. Amid the abounding flowers for which Hawaii is famous, this annual occupies a appropriate place, as it grows abounding breed of hibiscus and it is amid the civic symbols. They not alone alcohol hyacinth tea, but additionally pictures of garlands of these flowers are brought by anyone who has visited these paradise islands.

What is “hyacinth tea”

Dried flowers and bracts of Hibiscus sabdariff (Hibiscus sabdariffa) are acclimated to accomplish this tea.

In tea accoutrements you can acquisition petals, bracts and sabari seeds that sprout and blossom beautifully. This is an anniversary bulb that roots able-bodied on abundant albino soil, requires a lot of light, calefaction and water.


How to accomplish tea

Hibiscus flowers accessible at aurora and dry afterwards dinner. Back berry accumulation begins, ample red cups anatomy about them, which are adapted leaves and are alleged bracts or sub-sacra. It is these dank and brittle cups that are calm and broiled to accomplish karkade, and lovers of this tea are alleged rosanchikas.

For cooking, use dry undersheaths, or “rosanchiki”, forth with the petals. Eat about all genitalia of the plant. Compotes, jellies, desserts, canned aliment are able from flowers and bracts, and salads or ancillary dishes are able from beginning shoots and stems and marinated and acclimated to adapt assorted dishes such as vegetables.

Properties of hyacinth tea

The drink, fabricated from hibiscus flowers, has an accomplished aftertaste and quenches appetite well. No admiration all those who accept approved at atomic already accept become absolute admirers of hibiscus. Its backdrop are unique. It lowers claret pressure, strengthens the body, has antimicrobial and sugar-reducing effects.

This different alcohol reduces the accident of colds, helps with insomnia, has antispasmodic and antipyretic action. Contains antioxidants, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins. Acknowledgment to these substances, the walls of claret argosy are adequate and their permeability is improved. Tea is bashed back there are signs of fatigue and to advance appetite. Hibiscus tea is additionally acceptable for the respiratory system, as it dilutes and removes phlegm.

It should be acclaimed that hibiscus petals should not be alone afterwards the tea is brewed, firstly, they are edible, and secondly, they accommodate proteins that accommodate capital amino acids and additionally accommodate polysaccharides. The best important of these is pectin, which passes through the belly after actuality absorbed, cleansing the anatomy of abundant metals, baneful substances and radionuclides. Do not bandy abroad the red cups. They accept all the benign backdrop inherent in the hibiscus plant. You can eat them in the anatomy of accomplished desserts.

After the ashen hibiscus petals harden, they accomplish compresses that advice abolish the abscess from the eyes.

Hibiscus contains linoleic acid, a blazon of unsaturated blubbery acerbic that the anatomy receives alone from food. Linoleic acerbic improves fat metabolism, is recommended for athletes to access beef accumulation and abatement fat, lowers claret cholesterol and has anti-cancer properties. There is additionally hyacinth and citric acid, which allows the alcohol to allay thirst, to brace in the heat.

But due to citric acid, hibiscus cannot be agitated by bodies who accept added acidity of belly abstract and accept gastritis. You can not use hyacinth with deepening of gallstone disease, belly ulcer, deepening of urolithiasis and abiding branch disease. Alike advantageous bodies should not alcohol added than 3 glasses a day.

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