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Kutia’s funeral: how to cook

From age-old times, the ancestors of the asleep aggregate on assertive canicule to ask, through accepted prayers, the Absolute to calm the body of the deceased. Afterwards visiting the cemetery, ancestors abiding a canonizing dinner. These rituals accept survived to this day: on the third day of a person’s death, as able-bodied as on the ninth and fortieth days, a canonizing account is organized. Unfortunately, today burial dinners try to accomplish affluent and lush, apathy about age-old traditions and rituals. To advice the body that goes to God, you charge to adapt able nutrition.

One of the capital dishes on the table today is the anamnesis of Kutia or Kolivo. He was activated aboriginal and embodied the aeon of the dead, acceptance in the resurrection, and abiding life.

What is a box?

Kolivo, or kutia, is a bowl of above aureate grains or above rice with honey and raisins, which charge be adored during the chant in the church. At the aforementioned time, the nipples betoken the resurrection. In adjustment to get the shoots, they charge be in the arena and decompose. In the aforementioned way, the animal anatomy will be active in the apple so that it will disintegrate, again disclose and become incorruptible for after life. Raisins and honey actuality represent the airy blessings of abiding life. Therefore, colivo is the apotheosis of the assurance of active bodies in the aeon of the dead. This bowl is able not alone for remembrance, but additionally for Christmas and added Accepted holidays. The capital affair actuality is that the grain, which is allotment of the dish, is an basic part. At the aforementioned time it can be any: rice, oats, wheat, fair barley and so on.

A few words about how to baker a box

This bowl should consistently be sweet, so it generally includes honey, raisins, poppy seeds, nuts, candied fruit, broiled bake-apple and more. Appropriately adapt it on a allotment of broiled fruit. For alertness of the acclimated boiler, bowl pot or added dishes with blubbery walls. The box is served alone back cooled, and should be busy with candied fruit, jam, lollipops or nuts. The aliment is not able in ample quantities, because if it stays for a continued time, the honey will alpha to ferment. In addition, it is absurd to bandy abroad – they eat a box until it’s over.

Colivo should be adored in the abbey (you can accomplish this action at home yourself by admixture the bowl with angelic water). Afore application it, they apprehend a prayer.

Kutya rice celebration: a archetypal recipe

Ingredients: bisected a cup of rice, two cups of water, three tablespoons of honey, sixty grams of walnuts, one hundred grams of candied fruit, nuts, prunes, raisins.


The rice is done several times and above in water. Broil walnuts for one minute in a pan. The poppy is washed, advance on a clarify to baptize the glass, again placed in a adhesive and ashamed until white milk appears. Broiled fruits and candied fruits are cut into baby cubes to facilitate eating. accessible rice borsch bathe with algid baptize and advance on a clarify so that the grains do not stick together, again cool, mix with honey, poppy seeds and bisected the nuts, broiled fruits and candied fruit, and the blow is busy with accessible meal amid on a hill.

Rice colivo

As a box of rice is able for a anniversary best often, a huge bulk of recipes can be found. We will attending at article else.

Ingredients: four spoons of poppy seeds, fifty grams of ablaze and aphotic raisins, three spoons of honey, one cup of long-grain rice, fifty grams of broiled blueberries, one cup of walnuts, one beanery of olive oil.


Before affable kutyu memorial, rice is done seven times, the baptize is caked in the bulk of one to two, add a compression of salt, olive oil and baker beneath a bankrupt lid until adapted over low heat. The accomplished borsch is cooled. Meanwhile, abscess the water. The raisins are sorted, done and above baptize is poured. Cranberries are sorted, done and advance on a napkin. Cascade the basics on a hot pan (can be lit in the microwave). Poppy batter with a dosage of amoroso in a mortar. The accomplished rice is abounding with honey, basics and blueberries, poppy seeds. The accomplished bowl is placed on the table as a accelerate and busy at its acumen with nuts, blueberries, etc.

how to cook

Rice box with candied fruit

This bowl will be tastier if added poppies and basics are added to it.

Ingredients: fifty grams of walnuts, fifty grams of cashews, fifty grams of almonds, a cup of rice, fifty grams of poppy seeds, amoroso to taste, one hundred grams of candied fruit.


Before advancing a canonizing box, you charge adapt all the ingredients. To do this, the rice is done thoroughly and caked with algid baptize (for one cup of cereal, booty two cups of liquid), add alkali to aftertaste and baker until done. You can add a little vegetable oil so that the grains do not stick together. The rice is again cooled in such a way that it does not dry out, but retains its shape, actual bendable and tender. Again booty a poppy seed, cascade baking baptize over it and leave to animate for an hour. Over time, the baptize is drained completely, the poppy is alloyed with honey and candied fruit, the adapted rice is added.

Almonds for ten account cascade baking water, again abolish the skin. Cashews and walnuts are broiled in a bake or in a pan, again advance on a box.


Each of us, eventually or later, charge face the burial of ancestors or relatives. Of course, this is an irreparable loss, but we accept a adventitious to advice the body go to Heaven. For this purpose, a canonizing account is captivated in the church, a burial banquet is held, at which they say goodbye to the asleep for prayer. Kutia’s burial is the best important meal of the day. It symbolizes our acceptance in the awakening and abiding activity in the commonwealth of heaven. It is adored in the abbey (or its alone ingredients) and alone again is it placed on the table to taste. In this case, colivo is the aboriginal bowl you should try at the canonizing table (three times). In addition, it should not be discarded. In age-old times, this bowl was broadcast to the poor “for the afterthought of the soul.”

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