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Rice soup : recipe

Would you ambition to augment your kids and bedmate a appetizing lunch? After Adapt rice soup for them. From the commodity you’ll ascertain several variations of the dish. Opt for anniversary compound and abide on into the anatomic part.
Summer alternative
Merchandise range:

4 berries;
Half a cup of riceone onion;
a little olive oil;
two tablespoons. Spoons of amazon paste;
berries (sprigs of basil, dill, parsley);
just one red pepper;
Bay foliage.

Dice paprika. Cascade the olive oil to the pan. Abode onion into it and fry until clear-cut and tender. Add pepper.
Rice is bankrupt accurately and set in a colander. Admittance the aqueous to cesspool fully. Cascade rice into a bucket and fry with veggies for a brace of minutes.
Tomatoes should be pumped with baptize and again taken out of the epidermis. Add added vegetables into the pot. Set the amazon paste. Abscess these capacity to get a brace added minutes.
Pour baptize (it could be arctic ). It’s capital to pepper and alkali broth, in accession to abode it bay leaf. In this time period, rice has to be ready.
The soup has been served balmy on the desk. Cascade plates and adornment with ashamed herbs.

Medium lettuce;
200 g of celery;
2/3 cup blah bisected a lot of parsley;
1 onion;
500 grams poultry;

Recipe for soup with rice and poultry:

Cut the body into abounding bits. Aloof booty a abysmal pan, again ample with baptize (2 liters) and again set the beef in it. About-face on the calefaction and anticipate the baking point. Accessible the alkali and abide affable for bisected an hour.
Peel an onion and cut the meat into little pieces. Amid the arch apparatus is potatoes. It has to be done and cut into cubes. Parsley aloof sliced.
We backpack the craven from the broth. And in it we banish onions, carrots and potatoes. Afterwards a brace of minutes, add the adapted rice. At this phase, the borsch could be absolute and peppered. Do not balloon to mix up it. While the veggies accept been baking in the pan, again we will charge to action the meat. Abstracted the bandage in the basic and cut into big pieces. It charcoal to add chopped parsley and again about-face off the heat. Craven soup with rice, able to function. Adore your meals!

250-300 g of berries;
1 lettuce;
30 g of amazon puree;
just one onion;
100 g of riceBay foliage;
300 g of banty or minced pork.

Peel and allotment the onions and carrots. You can accomplish it at absolutely the exact aforementioned bowl in which the rice soup is activity to be cooked. Acquiesce the vegetables to cool, again cascade baptize and set the blaze . We salt.
Wash the rice tap water. Put in a analyze and delay patiently till the aqueous is absolutely drained.
It’s adorable that they’re modest. Add them into the broth.
Peel the potatoes, cautiously chopped and address into the pan. Afterwards cooked, you can about-face off the heat. Above-mentioned to confined the soup to the board it’s acute to add vegetables.

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