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Prepare a quick diet of boiled potatoes

 Prepare a quick diet of boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes are one of the best easy-to-prepare dishes, although many of us do not prefer them alone, so we prefer to put more vegetables and salad with them to become a complete nutritional meal

Three quarters of a cup of "light" mayonnaise for the diet, or you can mix a quarter cup of regular mayonnaise with half a cup of yogurt if you do not have light mayonnaise, (you can dispense with mayonnaise completely and use yogurt instead if you want to cut down on calories) . Half a cup of roughly chopped celery. Half a sweet green pepper, or the equivalent of one third of a cup of green pepper, roughly chopped. A quarter cup of finely chopped onions. A tablespoon of yellow mustard. A teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar. One large hard-boiled egg or two medium-sized eggs

Prepare a quick diet of boiled potatoes

We prepare an amount of boiling water in order to boil the potatoes in it, but first we wash the potato kernels well and rub them under the water to clean them and we cut them into small pieces and cubes that do not exceed two centimeters, and it is preferable to put them with their peel because the peel contains very important minerals Put the potato cubes in a suitable size pot, then add enough water to submerge the potato cubes, cover the pot and leave it on a medium heat for. Drain the potato cubes from the excess water well because the excess water may wash away the flavor of the spices and the ingredients that you will be adding and remain at the bottom of the dish instead of on the potatoes to enhance their flavor. Add light mayonnaise to a large bowl, then add finely chopped onions and mix well, then add celery pieces and green capsicum, and also add mustard, natural apple cider vinegar, a pinch of salt, a pinch of ground black pepper, and stir together well. Add the potato cubes to the bowl and gently turn them so that they do not crumble. Peel and slice the boiled eggs, add them to the plate, and stir gently. Cover the plate with cling film and place in the refrigerator for at least six hours, so that the potatoes absorb the flavors of the other ingredients

Potato marinated with garlic, oil and lemon


Four grains of boiled potatoes. Three cloves of garlic. Two tablespoons of olive oil. Pinch of salt. quarter cup of lemon juice

How to prepare

Boil potatoes well. In a bowl, saute the garlic and salt until it is soft. Peel the potatoes, cut them into a bird's head, and place them on top of the crushed garlic. Squeeze the lemon on top, put the oil and mix them together


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