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The easiest way to prepare stuffed chicken

The easiest way to prepare stuffed chicken

Stuffed chicken is one of the best and easiest recipes that you can prepare at home with ease

Chicken can be stuffed into a variety of fillings such as

vegetables, rice with nuts, cheese and grits. Throughout our article, we will introduce you to a delicious and easy way to prepare a recipe for chicken stuffed with grits. Preparation of chicken stuffed with grits. Ingredients: Whole chicken, cleaned and washed. Two cups of washed grits. A grain of chopped onion. Three quarters of a cup of peas. Four cups of chicken broth. Two teaspoons of salt. A teaspoon of cumin. A teaspoon of fine coriander. A teaspoon of soft cinnamon. Juice of half a grain of lemon. A teaspoon of black pepper. Three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Two tablespoons of pine nuts

The easiest way to prepare stuffed chicken


 Add the grits and stir, then leave it on low heat for a quarter of an hour. Add salt, black pepper, half the amount of cumin and fine coriander, and stir.Pour the grits in a wide plate to cool down. In a deep dish, put a pinch of salt, black pepper, cinnamon, lemon juice, and half of the remaining cumin, and mix well. Using the hand, rub the chicken with the previous mixture of spices well inside and out. Add the onions and peas to the grits, and mix them well until the ingredients are mixed together. We start by stuffing the chicken with grits, onions and peas, then sew the bottom of the chicken so that the filling does not come out of it. We put the chicken in a roasting bag for the oven, or it can be placed in a tray and then wrap the tray with aluminum foil. We put the chicken in the oven for an hour or until it is fully cooked. Sauté the pine nuts and almonds with a little vegetable oil. Take the chicken out of the oven, decorate it with nuts, and serve hot

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